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(From May 2022)

Before I ever told Him yes, He chose me. I will share my testimony - the testimony of Jesus Christ - at some point. But for now, from my perspective, "dramatic" doesn't even come close to describing it because I don't talk much about the darkness He has called me out of. He has delivered me from the domain of darkness and transferred me to the kingdom of His beloved Son, in whom I have redemption, the forgiveness of sins. And when I see the love, joy, and peace I now have in Him - when it hits me - I am reduced to a weeping mess in the best possible way. That's why, Lord, when I say You are my "most beautiful Jesus," I mean You are radiant and ruddy, most beautiful among billions and billions, the only One worthy of all of my affection. There really was nothing You could have seen in me except the potential for You to make me desirable to You. Thank you, Lord. I will worship You forever.

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