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If You Love Me, Let Me Sleep

June 20, 2022

I was in a store a few months ago and came across a sweatshirt with a slogan on it that read, “If you love me, let me sleep.” It struck me as funny, and although I couldn’t justify the purchase, I wanted to buy it to wear around the house to remind my husband how much I love my sleep.

I love sleep because it’s the place where I dream, and any dream is a chance for Him to reveal something to me. I love sleep because so much happens in that place between sleep and wakefulness: I hear His audible voice, and I hear my soul singing songs to Him and speaking to Him. It’s a place with minimal distractions or noise, but where I am conscious enough to realize that I must arise and make a note of the experience in my voice recorder – and then go back to sleep.

I thought I was unique in these experiences until last fall when I came across a writing by Madame Guyon where she mentioned this place. Then I became close friends with an amazing woman who knows this place well. And I have discovered that others are familiar with it, too.

If I were the only one who experienced Him in this way, it would still be amazing. But what I love about knowing that others do, too, is what it reveals about HIM. When His bride comes together to share about Him, He not only inhabits our praises, shows up, and moves on our hearts again, but He also reveals another facet of His face – of His nature. And that is exciting. That is fascinating, and captivating, and intoxicating. HE is fascinating, and captivating, and intoxicating.

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