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Mist and Dust

August 18, 2022

Could it be that, when He anointed with mud the eyes of the man blind from birth, Jesus - the Creator God embodied - created in that moment new, perfect, physical eyes for the blind man, even as He created man in the garden?

Yahweh, our creator God, mixed mist with dust and fashioned man with His hands. Jesus, our embodied God, mixed spit with dust, made mud, and anointed and healed the eyes of the blind man.

a mist was going up from the land and was watering the whole face of the ground— then the Lord God formed the man of dust from the ground

Genesis 2:6-7a

he spit on the ground and made mud with the saliva. Then he anointed the man's eyes with the mud

John 9:6b

He was making a pot from clay. But there was something wrong with the pot. So the potter used that clay to make another pot. With his hands he shaped the pot the way he wanted it to be.

- Jeremiah 18:4

Mist and dust; spit and mud. You're the Potter, God. I'm the clay.

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