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Say the Name

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

July 16, 2022

I awoke this morning not feeling well. As I was preparing to enter the secret place, I had an imagination that was like a vision. I saw my husband and me sitting in our doctor’s office. I was explaining why I would not take any treatment for some illness, and I heard myself say the name of Jesus. At that moment, even though I was only imagining myself saying his name, the very sweetness of God came over my heart – right then and there, as I was making my coffee. He actually moved on my heart again by me just imagining saying his name. That is the power of the name of Jesus.

I have noticed that when his people come together and turn their attention and discussion to him, he shows up. Of course, he is always there, but there is something that happens when we turn our attention to him – to him, not just this or that aspect of this Christian life. HIM.

The first time I noticed this I was at Jesus ’21. I had arrived outside the gates seven hours early so that I could have my choice of a seat for the conference. My husband and his cousin, who met us there, had left the entrance line to go to the store. I ended up sitting by a guy (who I have stayed connected with) who started telling me about what Jesus had done for him in 2019. I was stunned because it was so much like what Jesus did for me that same year. Then I began telling him how Jesus encountered me that year, and as soon as I began speaking about it, I felt the very intoxicating sweetness of the Lord among us. There, just waiting for a conference to begin, where seven thousand people would soon adore him, he was already there.

This has happened numerous times since then. When his people turn their affections to him – to his person and his nature rather than how we can please him or what he can do for us – he is there to touch us with his hand. It is unmistakable and incomparable to anything else in this world. I pray that we receive enough of his touch to spread this sweetness to the lost, the hurting, and the broken. THIS is the way to change the world.

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