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Tissue Paper Roses

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

August 5, 2022

I am entranced. The Lord is captivating. Every time I think of a dream I had last night, I want to go back and experience part of it.

In this dream I was at the house I grew up in with some people who were related to each other, but not to me. Some of the people were going to be moving away from each other, not because of any hard feelings, but because life is like that sometimes. I told them that every time I have lost someone I care about, I have felt it profoundly, but that feeling goes away in time. Then word came (by telephone, I think) that the two people who had the closest relationship to each other would not be separated after all because the one who was leaving would not have to move away.

The house I grew up in had a semi-circle driveway and on one side was a climbing rosebush. The roses were pink and white, and flat, with no more than five petals each. This rosebush was next to a pine tree, which it used to climb up with its gangly branches.

But in my dream, I walked past it as I was leaving and it was large, lush, and round with hundreds of enormous, deep red roses hanging down from it. The most fascinating part was that every one of them was mostly dead, and they made the most beautiful sound rustling against each other in the wind.

I have been recalling that sound all day today. It was so soft – something like sheets of tissue paper rustling against each other. And all I want to do is go back there. Lord, take me back there.

I know the Lord has infused this dream with meaning. I have an idea of what it is connected to in my life, but I am expectantly waiting to share it with a dear friend who has unlocked the mysteries of my dreams before. And I pray the Lord would woo my soul again like that tonight.

Jesus, you captivate me.

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