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Forever Changed

February 10, 2023

It seems I hear the Lord speak in an audible voice about every six months, on average. This morning, I asked the Lord what He would say to me, as it’s been about four months. I strongly felt Him say, “Welcome home.”

Thank You for choosing me, Lord. I was the worst kind of atheist, a rationalist who worshiped her own intellect. I thought Christians were horrible people. I hated some of the most prominent ones.

But You saw through all that and chose me anyway. I think You must’ve seen the little girl with a broken heart underneath it all. And when all my defenses and all the world’s fixes failed, and all my whitewashed walls collapsed that day, You were there, patiently waiting. You moved in and claimed my heart as Your own. And I am forever changed. I will never be the same, and I’ll forever be undone at Your mercy and Your love.

Thank You, God. Thank You.

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